The Makerspace Experience


“The makerspace gives room and materials for physical learning. Because these spaces can easily be cross-disciplinary, students in many fields can use them, often finding technical help for work they are undertaking in many areas. At the same time, those in engineering and technology will find their work enriched by contributions from those in other fields. Makerspaces allow students to take control of their own learning as they take ownership of projects they have not just designed but defined. At the same time, students often appreciate the hands-on use of emerging technologies and a comfortable acquaintance with the kind of experimentation that leads to a completed project. “

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MaKr U makerspace is committed to bringing opportunity to areas underserved with this type of space. It is our desire to provide a mobile workshop for the tinkerer and the perfect educational space for individuals who learn best by doing. Additionally, our focus is on providing a framework to support lifelong learners that are unfamiliar with exactly how to tinker and explore areas which may initially present failures in the learning process. Never quit!

1″The maker movement is about making things that you care about, things that are meaningful to you and others around you. Sometimes, it gets misapplied if we just get people creating something. That’s part of it, but to support rich, creative learning experiences, we need to provide people with opportunities to make things in collaboration with others—and to make things they care about.” Mitch Resnick

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